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Property Fund Q1 19 31/03/2019
Liquidity Fund Q1 19 31/03/2019
Ethical Value Fund Q1 19 31/03/2019
Small Companies Q1 19 31/03/2019
Equity Fund Q1 19 31/03/2019
Value Fund Q1 19 31/03/2019
Property Fund Q4 18 31/12/2018
Liquidity Fund Q4 18 31/12/2018
Ethical Value Fund Q4 18 31/12/2018
Small Companies Q4 18 31/12/2018
Equity Fund Q4 18 31/12/2018

White Papers

Akzo Nobel: Takeover Offer Arrives a Month after Appian Purchase

Niall Dineen

Akzo Nobel is a classic example of a stock that successfully met all the Appian criteria. Below is a summary of the initial investment thesis..


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