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Niall Dineen on Morning Ireland – June 7th 2019
Talking about the outlook for interest rates post the recent ECB meeting and the forthcoming federal reserve meeting.

Niall Dineen on Newstalk January 4th 2019
Niall Dineen appeared on Newstalk Breakfast Business with Vincent wall to discuss the outlook for equity markets in 2019










Michael Moriarty appointed as chairman of Appian Burlington Property Fund

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Global Markets article with Niall Dineen – December 18th 2018
Business journalist Adam Maguire's write up on Global Markets with Niall Dineen

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Niall Dineen on Morning Ireland December 18th 2018
Niall Dineen appeared on RTE's Morning Ireland this morning to discuss equity markets








The Sunday Times – December 16th 2018
The Great Brexit Sell-Off

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The Sunday Times – November 18th 2018
Market Mover: Niall Dineen






















Niall Dineen on Newstalk October 19th 2018
Niall Dineen discusses the current volatility in Equity markets which has seen global equity markets fall by 6%, led by a decline by the US Growth stocks.









Senior Appointment at Appian Asset Management
Niall Dineen appointed Chief Investment Officer.

In this senior role Mr Dineen will be responsible for overseeing all of Appian’s investment portfolios and leading Appian’s team of specialist fund managers and investment analysts.

Mr Dineen joined Appian in 2016 as a Senior Fund Manager after spending 16 years with AGF, a global asset management group headquartered in Canada, in a range of senior investment roles.

He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification as well as a Master’s degree in Business Studies and a Bachelor of Commerce degree, both from University College Dublin.


Commenting on the appointment, Patrick Lawless, Chief Executive of Appian Asset Management, said:

“This is an excellent appointment for Appian and our clients. Niall has an outstanding track record as an investment manager that has been built up over two decades.

As Chief Investment Officer he will bring strong markets knowledge, international experience and rigorous analytical skills to the role.

His appointment will support Appian’s ambitious growth plans and ensure that our equity, cash and multi-asset funds are well placed to continue generating the level of risk-adjusted returns sought by our clients.”

Niall Dineen on Newstalk September 11th 2018
Niall Dineen discusses equity markets ten years post the collapse of Lehman Brothers that triggered the Global Financial crises.



Niall Dineen on RTE’s Morning Ireland August 23rd 2018. Sound clip and article on RTE website below.
Niall discussed the equity bull market and why dangers may lurk within it in the form of US growth stocks which are getting overvalued.!rii=b0_0_0__

Niall Dineen on Newstalk August 22nd 2018
As US stock markets are set to hit new highs, Niall urges caution on some of the valuations within markets and points to the fact that investors should look away from the current froth in US stocks for future returns.

Appian Investment Seminar, May 3rd 2018
Back to the Future - Again !

There was a great attendance at the annual Appian Investment Seminar on the evening of May 3rd last at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

Titled “Back to the Future – Again”, the seminar explored some economic and market factors which the asset managers believe are moving back to more normal levels – and the implications this will have for investing. CEO Patrick Lawless opened the evening highlighting where he believed there was a major transition coming up in the areas such as inflation, interest rates and bond yields. Eugene Kiernan, Head of Investment Strategy, continued this theme noting that as the outlook for growth was still very positive, our portfolios had a “pro-growth” tilt with good exposure to real assets. But in the face of some degree of higher inflation and interest rates (especially in the US), Appian had cut its exposure to bonds.

Keynote speaker Danny McCoy, CEO of IBEC, delivered a bravura presentation highlighting the underlying improvements we had seen in the Irish economy and noted the impact of global changes in taxation policies on our local finances. Danny stressed the need to invest appropriately in areas such as infrastructure and also to maintain our competitiveness in a very dynamic global environment.

There was a wide range of questions from the audience covering such ground as global debt, our place in Europe and the impact of Brexit.


All in all – a good evening!

Appian Small Companies Fund
John Mattimoe discusses the performance of The Appian Small Companies Fund for the second quarter.

Appian Value Fund
Eugene Kiernan discusses the performance of The Appian Value Fund for the second quarter.

The Macro Economy
Pat Kilduff discusses the Macro Economy for the second quarter.

Appian Equity Fund Review
Niall Dineen discusses the performance of The Appian Equity Fund for the second quarter.

Eugene Kiernan on Morning Ireland 12 May 2017
Eugene discusses the key issues facing major Central Banks currently

Click here to listen to the interview.

The Value Fund
Eugene Kiernan discusses the performance of The Appian Value Fund

The Equity Fund
Niall Dineen discusses the performance of The Appian Equity Fund

The Small Companies Fund
John Mattimoe discusses the performance of The Appian Small Companies Fund

Appian Investment Seminar 2017
Elections and Inflections

Patrick Lawless reviews how Appian funds have performed, and the risks and opportunities that lie ahead. Pat Cox presents a unique perspective on the challenges and potential for Ireland in what is a very fluid European political landscape.

The Investment Landscape:
Challenge and Opportunity Appian Asset Management

Patrick Lawless outlines the opportunities and challenges for financial markets and funds. John Bruton discusses the implications of "Brexit" for Ireland, the UK and the Eurozone.

Economics 101
Today FM, The Sunday Business Show

Eugene Kiernan, Head of Investment Strategy at Appian Asset Management discusses Brexit and Grexit with Conall Ó Moráin.

Appian Investment Seminar:
Finding Opportunity in a Volatile world.

Patrick Lawless outlines prospects for financial markets and funds. John McCann outlines UTV’s progress and the media landscape.